Many small business owners worry about rebranding their business because they are unsure if they should take such a big step in their business. What they need to realise is that rebranding could be a necessity if they want their business to thrive or even survive.

Image Rebranding

It is not only the companies themselves that rebrand but the owners of that business can target themselves for rebranding. A good example of this is a prominent figure in thewhitehouse who has rebranded their image more than once. This is an indicator to small businesses as to what kinds of effect rebranding can have.

Big Companies that Have Rebranded

Small companies often do well if they mimic some of the practices that big companies follow. For one to feel confident about rebranding it helps to look at some of the major companies that have done this.

  • Burberry: A large provider in the clothing business it was a big step for Burberry to rebrand but was also the right one for them. When a new CEO came into the picture and focused on the heritage of the brand and put a face to the brand with the use of popular models it helped to escalate this business. There wasn’t all of the usual changes that often take place with rebranding such as creating a new logo or changing the colour scheme but what was done worked.
  • Airbnb: Sometimes rebranding can cause such a stir that it generates new interest in the Company which is one of the rebranding goals. This is what happened with Airbnb and specifically around the new Belo logo.

Doing the Research

Small businesses that are thinking about rebranding can do some research. They can check out companies that are in their industry that have rebranded. They should try to determine what the reason was for the rebranding and what type of results this is creating.