Some small business owners struggle with having to rebrand their corporate identity. Large corporations usually have the funds needed for this if necessary and will usually rely on professionals to do it. The smaller business owners may not be in this same position. This site is dedicated to those companies that want to rebrand but may be facing some challenges. The information here is categorized according to the main topics for quick referencing and convenience.


The section for rebranding talks about important factors such as deciding whether it is necessary to rebrand. Also, the site is taking a look at another option like refreshing instead of rebranding. It can be difficult to know whether a company should rebrand and some the information here may help with that decision.

Who Should Do the Rebranding

It is tempting for some business owners to want to take the “do it yourself” approach but for many reasons, this may not be a wise idea. The information in this section will elaborate on this and may be helpful when trying to decide the best approach.


For some, the information in this section may be the most important because many businesses need financial assistance for their rebranding. It is not an easy task to find investors who are willing to invest in a company that is rebranding. But, there are new concepts to investing that may be beneficial to business owners who need to source out investors and approach them.

Hopefully, those who own a company that is in need of rebranding will find this site to be a common sense approach to this.